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Vitamin D & the Brain 0

Vitamin D and the Brain

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for everyone, but strikingly, half of us have a Vitamin D insufficiency. Vitamin D is important for much more than maintaining your bone health....

Vitamin D recipes 0

Vitamin D Recipes

Our selection of nice, tasty, healthy Vitamin D-rich recipes! Click on the images to go to the recipes via the trusted website of Pinterest.

Vitamin D 50000 IU 1

Vitamin D 50000 IU

High dose vitamin D (Vitamin D 50000 IU) are given by physicians when you have certain conditions, for instance when your Vitamin D levels are very low, and in the...

Animation of Vitamin D Regulation 0

Vitamin D Regulation

How are Vitamin D and calcium levels regulated in our bodies? View the animation below for a clear overview of the mechanism of action and regulation of Vitamin D in...